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A Reflector has a unique aura.


To come across a Reflector is a rarity given that this type is represented only by 1% of the population.


Similar to a disco ball, it samples and reflects back a broad spectrum of energy and awareness from the environment, other beings, as well as transits.

In order to get an impression of the overall state of a community, look to the “resident” reflector to see what’s going on - or not.

Nisarg’s engagement with Human Design has revealed a special potential dynamic of the Reflector aura: the distillation of frequency. When she is in a teaching or workshop environment correct for her, the frequencies passing through her aura have a clarifying quality.


The way this clarification, or distillation, is experienced by others can have a profound opening to and experiencing of their own essence. They are handed back their authority with the deepest respect for who they are.

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"Remember the wisdom - it’s about wisdom in the end. No other type has such an extraordinary potential for wisdom than the Reflector. They are potentially open to filter the program. All open centres are prone to conditioning. Yet, the moment you are not being disturbed by the conditioning, the open center represents a possibility of being wise, wise in the way the program operates. Obviously, looking at any Reflector is looking at the potential of being deeply wise, and wise in the ways of the world. I don’t think that any other type has such a spiritual potential within them to form this extraordinary bond with the nature of the world itself.


Similar to the canaries brought down the coal mines to monitor the quality of the environment, an awakened Reflector represents a living signpost of what the program is bringing. In a way, they are all Clarions carrying the news - the news of what’s there."

                                                                                                                                    Ra Uru Hu

To attend one of Nisarg's upcoming events, view her offerings HERE

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Reflections on Reflector Aura


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