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Nisarg B. Nikiel

Nisarg is a Reflector and certified Human Design Analyst and Teacher
specialising in "live" teachings (very alive indeed!) and trainings worldwide


Meet Nisarg

After having studied theatre, psychology and education, my curiosity to understand human energy led me to further extensive training in various body, breath, and energy-oriented therapies. Many of these trainings took place at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Poona, India, where I lived and worked for many years.


My main interest when working and studying with people was always to enable us to get in contact with the beauty and perfection of who we were born to be. A lot of the work included deep cleaning processes which helped un(b)lock frozen and otherwise stuck energy patterns into a more naturally flowing rhythm.


When in 1999 I received a reading from Ra Uru Hu – the founder of the Human Design System – I knew that the missing piece of the puzzle in my inner and outer work had arrived. It felt like I was given an X-ray device that enabled me to fill in the grey zones I had encountered again and again in all my previous work... however successful it might have been.

It gave me the most simple, direct and practical key to understanding myself and others; in a way that no other system, technique or therapy I had previously used was able to provide. It allowed me, after all those years and years of work on myself, to finally relax and feel good in my skin. Comparison, jealousy, unworthiness and so many fears just started fading away quite effortlessly. 


Having had the opportunity to study and be trained by Ra Uru Hu personally is something I am deeply grateful for. During my experiential courses and retreats, I pass on my experience as a student and friend of Ra, as well as my 21 years of experimenting & teaching Human Design to students and lovers of themselves.

Reflector Aura

Reflections on Reflector Aura


2024 International Events

Experiential Courses and Trainings with Nisarg B. Nikiel

*for Reflectors only

Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Arillas, Corfu, Greece

*in german language | auf deutsch

What students are saying...


Madhuri Z.K.Ewing


Nisarg has her own way of presenting this new and revolutionary method for heightening awareness, off-loading the wound-ego, or pain-body, or not-self – whatever you want to call it - and relaxing into one's own skin.

She´s a human tin-opener, a revolving sprinkler... if you're lucky and get to come to any of her groups, you'll be doused by friendly, authoritative wisdom so juicy and true that you'll never be the same again. 


You'll come away with tools you can use in your daily life to continue the process of unmasking your essence and letting go what isn't you.


Simone Brennt

Manifesting Generator

Our time in Arillas was like an initiating ritual – where I could be myself, maybe for the first time in

my life.


It was life-changing! Not everything has to be stressful! I just want to play... I am here to play with you, now! Check out the other, see

what´s possible and enjoy whatever

is coming from the other side…


Thank you for this wonderful time

we had together, I enjoyed being in the company of everyone of you!


Sara Castro


I was recently asked what my

favorite part of my trip to

Greece was my answer:


being given the space and

permission to completely and unapologetically relax into myself, nothing to pretend about, nothing

to chase after, no proving this or that.


Simply just letting the experience of Corfu wash over me! It was perfect!


Tanden Babaich


Nisarg transmits the knowledge and the spirit of Human Design from a place of graceful respect for each individual participant - as if showing a golden bridge to each and everyone of us.


To me, she is a living spirit of Human Design and a sublime human being.


Human Design has become such a natural and living thing for me. It is delicate to express with words something that is actually beyond words… and Nisarg is definitely capable of doing so… and of reflecting the miracle of it!

Interviews and more...


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